Week 28 Luna

  Now let’s begin…we were riding the dragons then we saw a werewolf, we weren't it let out a pitiful howl...ok now we're scared then the battle begins. Oh no i cry oh no this is awful awwwwwwwww awawawwwwwwwwwww oh no no no they fought and fought until the end fire vs strength awwwww aw aw awwwwwwwww oh no no no awwwwww ok we can help ok as i grab the rope.  I can do this for the majestic dragons, I will do this, we can do this together, we can do anything we set our minds to

Week 28 Grace

  At the doctor's office a kid wouldn't stop fidgeting with his fingers. When it was his turn to get the vaccine he was terrified! His mom dragged him in the office and placed him on the bed. He was mainly scared of the needle but he was okay with not getting covid. The doctor came in and the needle was huge!! It looked like the ones in the horror movies. He came closer and the needle was injected. As he left out a pitiful howl like a hyena and to his surprise it was over! No need to be afraid. 

Week 28 Dresden

  As it let out a pitiful howl  June 12th 1989 It was a good day just like every summer day. All his friends were coming out to play. They grabbed their bmx bikes and all they could hear were the cards in the wheels of the bikes.Later that night 7:00 everyone takes their dogs to the field. Nobody was there but the friends wondered why it was quiet but felt like panicking. They look each way north east south west but nothing. A noise comes from south west; it was a dark figure letting out a pitiful howl.

Week 28 Lily

  Baby yoda was having fun camping. The mandalorian was scared of the wolves but he did not know that there w as a wolf near it let out a pitiful howl. the mandalorian screamed out of his pans and ran away as fast as he could. He ran to the condo, locked all the doors, put wood on the windows then he went to ded . so it was the next day and baby yoda was playing fetch with the wolf he would yeet a done and the wolf would go get it and bring it back . when the mandalorian wok up he had frosty flakes that baby yoda got for free . that is when baby yoda was hungry so he went to the condo to have his free cereal  .

Week 28 Lilia

  The orange peel and his friends were walking down a very tricky Hill. It was very Steep and very very big. The orange peel spoke first let's go down the path on the side said the orange peel.His friend the carrots spoke and she said no let's not do that, let's go down the skateboard aisle then we could skate down once we got the skateboards said the orange carrot. No said the pineapple, let's just walk down. We could roll down since we're all round. the orange peel and the carrots said yes let's do that and they got down the hill safely.

Week 28 Kieran

  Week 28 I was walking in the forest when I heard a rustle far ahead. I walked closer and closer. I looked into the bush and a giant wolf jumped at me. I ran all the way to my barn but it was still chasing me. Did I do something wrong? I ran to the field where I had finished making my glass box. I jumped in and locked the door. Then I started laughing at the hungry wolf. I let out a pitiful howl to aggravate the wolf but for some reason he walked back then charged at the glass and it broke then ...

Week 28 Kendra

  ...As it let out a pitiful howl... As the ferocious lion crept up on her prey, her eyes darted from one buffalo to the next deciding  which one to go for. Finally, she saw a very old buffalo that wasn’t as fast as the others. Swiftly, she crawled from one bush to another without anybody seeing. The buffalo had no chance. Then, she charged! All the others scampered for safety while the old buffalo tried to escape, but was very slow. Suddenly, a rock flung out from out of nowhere and hit the lion. She tried to get up slowly as she let out a pitiful howl...