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Week 14 RP

  Week 14   The dirty dress I put on my shoes “beep! beep!” “ I'm almost ready mom”  then I got my jacket and ran out the door.  I hopped in the backseat. Today we were going to the museum! Some kids might not like the museum, but I do! As we drove I saw some weird things like the clouds started to look…. Dusty. And when it started to rain the rain looked kind of grey. We got to the museum and I saw a beautiful burgundy dress that belonged to a princess. Wait what's that cobwebs and dust on it!!! They always clean the museum….

Week 14 Nathan

  The red dress. I was walking my dog just beside the pizza shop, so I ate some pizza there. Just then I see a velvet dress with leaves and vines on it, I ran to my house nobody was there. After that terrifying moment I called my friend and told him all about it, and he let me stay at his house. Later that night we heard a bang in the basement, we peeked, the dress was there and that was when we ran fast as an ostrich. I was so terrified that I started to record all of it, just after that...

Week 14 MuS

  Me and my mom love to go to the Walter Museum it’s just has all the prehistoric history and items whenever we get the chance, I know we will be heading there. I walk down the path of the Museum when something, seems to catch my eyes. I hear a sudden whisper…… …….AHHH! I yell ‘what’s wrong’ they say it’s george he was just here… M-mom. Yes darling. H-he’s behind you. W-what’ my mom screams’ he sings a slow humming sound ‘it’s coming, nowhere to run no more. It’s coming nowhere to hide no more’ silence is just so ear piercing. AHhh! My mom’s eyes turn complete black she sings the song too. And says ‘There’s no escape’ She was wearing the same red dress…..

Week 14 MaS

  It was halloween, I was getting ready to go trick or treating when we left the house it was sun set we first went to the neighbours there were a lot of people, I saw someone in a dress but they did not have a head, I went to go say hi, the person didn't reply so I walked away I continued trick or treating, I still wondered what was controlling the dress my first guess was a squirrel with magical powers , when I was trick or treating I heard a branch snap behind me, and the person without a head was there...

Week 14 LT

  Once upon a time there was a web monster. No one liked him because you were too Sticky . So one day he went to a Museum Because people like museums. So when he got to the museum He put on one of the dresses in the museum. When it was morning people started running over to him Because he looked interested . Everyone loves the wed monster now .So every day He'll put on a new dress .Put on Christmas Eve Can you put on the prettiest dress of them all The Christmas tree dress.It had Green with pink ornaments.

Week 14 Pupper 23

  As Maddie felt the sharp pain she screamed. She didn't know what to do or what it meant. She went to her room to look at her back and there was a huge bloody wound. She looked at her doll and its eyes moved back and forth. She screamed so loud she woke her parents up. She went to the basement to put her doll there. Then she found a boney figure wearing a ugly dress in her storage room. She screamed but the vents were too loud for anyone to hear. She went to get a weapon and hit it. But it disappeared...

Week 14 AS

  Once I was going to the store playing on my phone and then I felt a weird spark go down my spine. As soon as I blinked I was in a scary game, more scarier than anything you've seen.  I screamed but nowone was there to hear me except for animal matronics. I scream and run in terror. I found a merriyanet wearing a ugly dress. Made out of velvet, vines, and junk. I scream and then I run. Bye i say running and jumping. I get out of the phone and then I walk to the store. the end.

Week 14 ES

  Week 14/monsters i woke up after the worst nightmare, and it was still night but there were no sounds, not the chirp of a bird, no trains going at midnight, THERE WAS NO SOUND but then a tall person stood over my bed. They were wearing red with leaves. Then they pressed a green button and the sound was back, suddenly they ran out of my room, and i stayed in my parnets room that night.

Week 14 RJ

  One magical night… I was sleeping in my bed and heard something... you won’t believe what I saw!  I saw an… UGLY person in a Christmas tree costume that  started chasing ME, ahhhh!  I went to my parent’s room and woke them up!  I screamed “THERE IS SOMETHING CHASING ME!”  The Christmas tree person ran into my mom and dad’s room!  So I ran out and said “Hey UGLY, over here!”  She chased me to my front door, I opened it and she ran right through!  I locked the door and was relieved! That was a crazy NIGHT!   Woo Hooo!

Week 14 MN

  Week 14 Once upon a time there was a ghost wearing a dress but no one was in the dress. So I saw a house that needed help till I knocked on the door and it opened itself.Then i saw a creep red and black dress moving so i ran back to my bike. And it was broken.But I still had my phone so I called the cops and they came .So the cops came and they knocked on the door and they did not see it so they left and she ran. She said no in the end..

Week 14 Whiskers

     The Christmas dress    On A glamorous christmas eve an old lady was telling her family a christmas legend and that legend was the christmas dress……. The old lady continued.  on a night like tonight there was a dress that walk the night it was known as the christmas dress it comes around every year but only on christmas eve the tail says that  the dress walks are hallways a night and brings christmas joy while we sleep  but there was a dark side to if you were awake while the dress was walking in your hallways you would get captured and brought to a dek place and never return but that doesn't always happened the legend said that she only preys on children  so i suggest that we stay in bed and wish we don't run into the christmas dress. They also say that the dress changes colors. It can change to orange/ red/ green and black if you are lucky and see the dress in red you are safe, green  as well  orange, not so much black run and go back to bed. I always say that the reas

Week 14 JM

  There was a girl who lived an amazing life acting ordinary, though she was extraordinary. The girl was special because she could do any magic. Like, turning things into ice, flying, turning invisible, eye magic, etc. Nobody knew that the magical girl had all the powers. One day, the girl and her whole family went to a big museum. A thing the family didn’t know about the museum was that it was haunted. Until, the girl who had magic went and saw this creepy image of a scary statue and turned into one herself!... more of story continued

Week 14 Word Master

  Fred was at the museum when he found a statue that had never been there before. He thought it must have been a mistake so he brought it to the storage room. When he got the statue to the storage room it came alive! Fred shrieked and ran. It wasn’t a statue after all. It was aliens!  “We are here to invade Earth. Stop running and we’ll leave you in peace”.  Fred stopped running and the aliens raced past him. “Wait, where are you going now?” “We said we’d leave YOU in peace. But not the rest of the world”. 

Week 14 AJ

  The haunted museum! Once there was a girl named Ally. One day Ally went out to play in the forest when she saw a building! It looked old and had obviously been abandoned. But she was curious and decided to go check it out. When she entered the old building it looked almost new on the inside and there were stands with items on them Ally decided the building was probably a museum! She walked around until she discovered a dress. The dress was red and had vines around it. Ally walked up to it and it moved...

Week 13 Nathan

  Mark had a quiz, it was a science quiz and you were supposed to make soap explode and made it too big and it overfilled. Alex the teacher said “Next time you make one of these decrease it”.  Mark told his mom everything, and she thinks he could’ve done better. Next time he went to school Alex checked the size of Marks experiment. Marks experiment was gigantic so Alex said to make it smaller. Mark told him why it is big but Alex forced Mark and, BOOM it exploded. After that, all the teachers ignored trying to correct Marks work.

Week 13 SS

  Week 13  ...I didn’t remember putting it on... Once there was a girl named Olivia. One day she forgot to put on her glasses but she didn’t realize. She packed her things and went on the bus to go to school. She thought to herself “why couldn’t I see very clearly” she wondered, but she didn’t worry about it too much till she really couldn’t see well.  Then she touched where her glasses would have been and she didn’t feel her glasses, so she went to the school office and called her mom and said I need my glasses. Then her mom came to the school and gave her her glasses.

Week 13 RP

  It was one day until Christmas  Eve!  I love Christmas!   It was nighttime. I heard creeping!   When I woke up, It was Christmas Eve!  I was happy until I went to the tree and saw no presents!   I went back to bed. My Christmas Eve was upsetting!  When It was Christmas, I got everything I wanted and a note from Santa!  It said “Sorry that I didn’t give  your presents.   I didn’t remember to put it on the tree.”  After I read the letter, I did a lot of Christmas things with  my family.  This was the best Christmas ever!    

Week 13 RJ

  Week Thirteen - “I didn’t remember putting it on”     Best Elf Ever! Yesterday I was sleeping when I… woke up.  I was really excited because my Elf On The Shelf, Huggy The Elf, was coming to my house!!!  But it was still night, so I had to try to go back to sleep, aww man!  Then finally I was able to get up because it was 8:15am wooo hooo!   I read Huggy The Elf’s Letter!  I love it when he writes to me.  I went downstairs and he was in the Elf House that I made for him. He was watching netflix on the ipod, I didn’t remember putting it on...? 

Week Martin

  How to play build a bout in roblox. To play build a bout you will need to be a good builder. First you will start of with some blocks and a seat use those blocks to build a raft. Then launch the boat when you die clam the money then open chests to get more blocks and keep building more stuff.when you reach the end you will get 100 gold plus 1 gold block,the gold block is the most powerful block. You can also get jets and a jet seat my friend is helping me get the jets so i can make a cool plane. Build a bout is a very fun game!

Week 13 Pizza Cat Lover

T   he jolly fat man One morning three little girls were going to the chicken restaurant . right down the road.   When all of a sudden a jolly fat man got messy they started cleaning him.not even noticing that  they Were wearing new sparkly shoes. oh no they said we got them so messy will get us in trouble. .When the girls arrive at home their mom is waiting at the door and it's their mom who says Where Were You Girls. Your School is  5 hours long. How dare you .you are grounded for 4 weeks .they said ok mom.

Week 13 cat sparkle

December 4 2020 week 13   “Alexa! Alexa! I hear the sound coming from the hallway, I rush down to see my parents looking up at me from the stairs. I ask what is going on.I see my brothers and sisters sitting on the couch.My father asks ‘Who in the right mind, had the idea to mix your mom’s foundation with the shampoo.Now look at your mother’s face’ my sister answers ‘I didn’t put it on it’s probably George. George answers ‘ I did but I don't remember putting it on… I answer ‘ it’s because you were sleepwalking I saw you when I was getting my midnight snack’ george answers ‘ oh, now i get it’  the end   

Week 13 JM

  Week 13 … he didn’t remember putting it on… It was one day until Christmas  Eve! I love Christmas! It was nighttime. I heard creeping! When I woke up, it was Christmas Eve! I was happy until I went to the tree and saw no presents!   I went back to bed. My Christmas Eve was upsetting!  When It was Christmas, I got everything I wanted and a note from Santa!  It said “Sorry that I didn’t give  your presents.   I didn’t remember to put it on the tree.”  After I read the letter, I did a lot of Christmas things with  my family.  This was the best Christmas ever! 

Week 13 Pen Name

  Lesson 13     ones   a boy went  to the farm there was a shed no one now ever went in .how did  never  came home i think  that  dogs mad dogs ate them but i dont no  but i now not to go .in there ever my mom and dad say so i can’t say that i dont one to go in to the shed but. i have to do thing  for my mom and so they can be nice .to me. So then i code never on see they  lied to me and my mom and dad was so .mad and happy so there no mad dogs they enb

Week 13 pupper23

  “Today is the day”, maddie yelled as the doorbell rang. She opened the door and shrieked with excitement. She told her family, “my doll is here”. It had orange hair, big green eyes and a freekish smile. She named it annie. That night she went to bed hugging her doll and wishing it wasn't time for bed. The next morning she found it on her dresser wearing a tutu. “I didn't put that on”, she thought loudly. Or put her there. She hugged the doll as she went downstairs to get breakfast. She felt a very sharp pain… :O

Week 13 Word Master

  It was Christmas eve in the north pole and Santa was getting ready to deliver presents. He didn’t remember to put on the magic dust so he fell out of the sleigh and got stuck in a chimney. His elf helper, named Huggie, couldn’t get him out of the chimney. The alarm started to go off in the house and Santa fell out of the chimney and landed on a pile of logs. Santa hit his head so hard that he got a lump on top of his head. So Santa got back in the sleigh and delivered the presents.

Week 13 Gabbie

  Week 13 I didn’t know i put it there. There were 2 kids called mike and lily and one day they were playing swing monkey. It’s where you swing a toy monkey to somewhere you want it to go.lily swung too hard then it goes to the woods of the deep.they tried their best not to panic so they sat on the nearest chair.they thought that it was fully gone but then the monkey appeared in a tree they were staring at. They were shocked but lily was more shocked. “We have to get that monkey!” lily said. They got the monkey then they ran home.

Week 13 C. A-M

  The night that Santa left me on my bed I was asleep. I woke up at 8:00 I got out of my bed a modest there was a snowglobe on my bright red best it had a bottom it had an in Gavin a 9 render in clothing Rudolph and a red bag rit best a chimney with Santa Going down the chimney you could only see Santa feet sticking with the chime in the snow good there a Christmas tree but not decorate only with black stars and a black mist all around it  To be continued      

Week 13 Caleb

  I didn’t remember putting it on.  Dave’s school was putting on a Christmas show for all the parents to watch. Each class had to do a special activity. Dave’s class was chosen to do a short play. For the play they chose The night before Christmas. He got to play a very important part. The part of Santa. The night of the show the kids were all really excited. As they got ready, dave was running around looking for his Santa hat. He couldn’t find it anywhere. He looked high and low. Still nothing. Asking a friend. The friend replied You have it on already. Dave was so excited that he didn’t remember putting it on.

Week 13 A.S

  “ Today is the day”, maddie yelled as the doorbell rang. She opened the door and shrieked with excitement. She told her family, “my doll is here”. It had orange hair, big green eyes and a freekish smile. She named it mia. She went to bed hugging her doll and waiting for the next day to come. The next morning she found it on her dresser wearing a tutu. “I didn't put that on”, she thought loudly. Or put her there. She hugged the doll as she went downstairs to get breakfast. She felt a very sharp pain in her arm…

Week 13 AJ

  The Figure skater! Once there was a girl her name was Ally. She loved to figure skate. It was around christmas time and Ally was just about to leave to go figure skate when she realized she forgot to get her skate guards. She hurried over to where she put them but they weren't there! She looked in her bag and they were on her skates already! She said to herself I didn't remember putting them on? Oh well. When she reached where she was going to skate she did some figure skating and had a wonderful time.THE END.