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Week 12 SS

 O nce there was a girl, named Hayley who had a virus where anything she touched would have her virus, and that virus was very bad to have. The virus makes you ill forever. One day she felt a little bit better so she invited her friend, Sophie over. She was feeling so good that she forgot she was sick before, so she asked her friend to stay for a sleepover with her. In the morning her friend said I might have the flu. I should go home, Then Hayley was so scared of making other people sick, she stayed home forever.

Week 12 LT

...she felt really ill.. It was a snow night  and i was having a sleep over me and my friend were going to play minecraft it was fun i made my dad his own world I made him a fishing pond It was fun Because at the end it was super nice I put a tent near it until We Got bored So We Played Among Us it was fun Until my friend started coughing and she felt really ill. So my parents called her mom and dad and they picked her up and she Went home. theend

Week 12 MJD

  Week 12 he felt really  ill   Once upon a time there was a boy  named Max . Max  loved to go outside.But one day he felt really ill so she had to go to the hospital. He had to stay home for a long time till he heard.  A really big sound so he went to go see what it was and then he wanted to go  see what it was and it was a lot of .Cops so he wanted to see what was happening. Then there was metal everywhere and a lot of people were. Getting hurt till the next day he felt good

Week 12 JG

  My dad took me to the zoo. We saw a tiger eating meat. It was so cool. Then I got V dox and we went home. Our house was so dirty. My sister made a mess. My parents were mad at my sister but they did not stay mad at my sister for long. They told me to clean my room but I did not clean my room. Then they got mad at me and yelled at me to clean my room then I did then my mom made pizza. It was delicious. I really liked it. Then I got some water and went to sleep. Lesson 12

Week 12 Gabbie

  Week 12   …he felt really ill… There is a girl named lea. She had a huge test today then she had an idea.Her plan was to fake being sick and of course it was not a good idea but she just did it anyway. Lea told her mom that she was sick and her mom thought she was sick because lea’s brother was really sick because he ate too much ice cream and he played in the rain since yesterday. Lea’s mom told her to go to her bed then lea did,lea went downstairs to get a snack.her brother also went downstairs then when lea’s brother touched her and coughed on her, lea began to feel sick, too sick she could not play video games. Lea’s mom told her to stay upstairs no matter what then she did. “From ‘cough’ now on I will ‘cough’ never fake being sick and always ‘cough’ go to class!” lea said with her not so clear voice.

Week 12 ES

  Christmas eve The year was 2020 dec 24 A girl named Sabrina went to bed early to go to Christmas,  when she woke up she went down stairs but santa was there! So she ran outside and climbed into his sleilgh, then when he came back he said ‘last house!’ and they went to the north pole,it was so cold that she got very ill . And so she told santa ‘im sorry i thought i could live here’ santa said ‘its ok but when you get home be good’ and when she blinked she was at home, opening presents merry christmas.

Week 12 Mr. Shark

                    The flu One day jack woke up at 8;00 in the morning. He got ready for school and whatid for the school bus with his friend zack. And the bus cam and drop them of at school there were 40 minutes left of school but then jack snsd so loud that the holl school cod her his snes. And he cod not stop sneezing so they sent him home he was so sick he was sick for 3 months. Wen he got back from being sick he told them that he sneezed 600000000 times lol the end.

Week 12 KR

  Abby went to the kitchen to eat cookies she ate and ate and ate until she felt really ill. But That didn't stop her from going to the candy store. She bought every candy and ate it all again. She felt really ill. But she got candy for Christmas and ate it all. So her mom went to get some Medicine for Abby but Abby refused to eat it. So Abby went to  make a homemade slushy so she ate it not knowing the pop was flat. Then Abby went to bed with a kitten and cuddling a giant candy

Week 12 RJ

  Bobby was laying on his bed because he felt really ill!   He had a headache and a sore throat!  There was one good part about being sick - he didn’t have to go… TO SCHOOL!   He got out of bed very slowly, had a drink of water but didn’t eat because he had no appetite.  He layed back down in bed and fell asleep.  When he woke up, he felt way better.  His appetite came back and he ate a big bowl of cereal.  He was back to normal and wasn’t sick anymore.  But now he had to go to school!

Week 12 NA

  Week 12 There once was a famous writer called Mr. Caster and one day he felt really ill and stopped writing  till he felt better. There was a kid who lived in tiny town and loved Mr. Caster’s book’s and was really disappointed when he heard the news about the virus getting into Mr. Caster’s body. The kid was called Alex who wanted to help the famous Mr. Caster get better, so he could continue writing his books so the world could enjoy his books. Alex served him like a butler. Alex continued to serve Mr. Caster till one day Mr. Caster...

Week 12 JM

                          The girl who came to be sick   It was a bright day on Sunday. ‘’Lisa!’’         mom called.  ‘’What is it?’’ I asked.  “Your dad went to buy the groceries, so it is just going to be the two of us.” mom said. Me and my mom watched a  movie. When dad came, he forgot to close the garage. Dad asked me to close the garage, he was busy. I went to the garage. Suddenly, I saw snowflakes! As soon as I came close, it was circling! After, I felt really ill. When days passed, I felt ill. Mom and dad were doing everything, but it wasn’t working…..  

Week 12 Pupper23

  RECAP: LOOK AT THE FIRST ONE HERE She felt very ill when her legs were gone so she snake crawled on the ground and went to her craft room. She got some wood, ribbons, and yarn to make legs. She was scared because she didn't want her whole body to be gone, and so that happened. Every body part was wood, yarn and ribbon so she wanted to make herself clothes and hair. Soon she became the most beautiful creation. They say that she's still in a art museum today, Alive, WATCHING!!!!!!!

Week 12 Word Master

The cat overate “Come here Mr.Kitty, time to eat”.  The cat padded over to his food dish. Though the cat thought his dish would be piled high with food, he only found a tiny bit. He turns around and walks over to the refrigerator. Then pops open the door and gobbles down a whole ribeye steak. After that he felt really ill. His owner found him lying on the floor and brought the poor kitty to the terrifying veterinarian!! “Oh my god” said the cat “Help!”. The second the owner pulled him out of the carrier the cat shrieked and ran home.

week 12 DR

The space dog “BARK BARK,” said the space dog. His name was Pluto The space dog. He is a very good boy. He loves to play the planets like chew toys. But Pluto's favorite was the moon. It was like a big round ball. And every time Pluto swims through the stars to get to it he always takes a big bite! Do you know when the moon gets smaller and smaller? Well that's Pluto! Some people think he's a blue tongued dog, you know the cute ones. Pluto has a bed of stars that he sleeps in every night

Week12 Cole

  Ten acorns and a hundred year old oak tree lived in the Creaking Forrest. Oak the tree felt really ill, but the the tree was not sick it was on fire! The oak tree screamed “ aaaah !” as It burned to the ground. As the little acorns heard the fire crackling they ran away. One of the acorns found a birch tree flag, then from the corner of his eye he saw a squirrel and it ate him. One buried himself to replace Oak. Only eight are left. The eight acorns go to the birch trees and say to them “Take your squirrel back!” and throw the squirrel at them. All the acorns go back to live in their one grown brother after he becomes an oak.

Week 12 Caleb

  Week 12 100 word challenge …he felt really ill… Conner was playing with his friends. Suddenly he felt really ill. He went home. His mom gave him some soup. Then the very next day his mom called the doctor. The doctor said he just had a cold.  Next day was the day that the carnival was going on. He could not go to the carnival. His mom said you need to rest all day.  A day later he woke up and was feeling better. So his mom let him go to play with his friends. Conner played  with his friends abit. Excited he came back home happy that he got to play.

Week 12 AJ

  Week 12 ...he felt really ill... The illness! Once there was a girl and her parents.The girls name was Lillian.They lived happily until Lillian's father felt really ill. They went to the doctor to find out what was wrong it turned out it was just the flew.They took care of him until he was all better.When he was better all he wanted to do was watch movies with his family.Since it was almost Christmas time they watched Christmas movies.After they finished watching movies they put up there Christmas tree and there lights.They all had so much fun that day.

Week 11 GP

  Once there was a crafty girl who lived in a castle . She wore a white dress and a crown that had leaves, as well as flowers. One day she went to the village. She lived alone which was actually scary for her. When she was walking, she tripped on her dress, leaving her Rolling On the ground in pain. She got up and went back to the castle. She went to bed. She woke up the next morning to a strange noise. She yelled, “stupid noises” but soon she regrets it… PREVIEW  SHE woke up and found her legs disappearing

Week 11 LT

  Today was windy.. I was rolling down the hill and I almost hit my head. It was scary but when i got to the bottom … I saw a castle but not just a castle, it was a snow castle it was spercily and white. I saw the chief.he was coming to me so i Said “bib you make this if you bib. it is so crafty “ but he ignored me and leaves me. So I just went home. When I get home I ask my mom for some hot chocolate and she says”yes i’ll have some too”

Week 11 MS

  Rolling crafty leaves castle white                                                                                                                         As I walked through the harsh weather I  noticed that the leaves have fallen on the ground making a crunch sound wherever I stepped,  it covering the path I was barely able to see.                             I arrived at school just to see the same old Regina . I absolutely hated her.But of course everyone thought of her as the perfect Snow white and me,the Evil queen,and her castle when I came  she was rolling me around like usual, it's time to be crafty for craft time!  

Week 11 NM

              THE CASTLE  There was a castle in a big kingdom. And there was 2 kings. one is the bad king and the good king one day a bad king came to the castle. And ask  to fight  the good king and the bad king . srow a big stone and the stone start Rolling and go to the king and hit the king castle. and the good king was crafty and control it whis his power and the stone go to the leaves . And the good king win

Week 11 JM

  The snow witch Next week, it will be Christmas.  Me and my sister are most excited about the holiday. I am upset about how it is winter. The day before Christmas, it was school. Me and the class did fun activities and ate snacks. Finally, it was recess. Me and my friends went to a hill. There, people were sledding and rolling  to the bottom. After recess, I went to class. We enjoyed baking! On my way back home, the leaves were covered with snow. Suddenly, I saw a witch who was  wearing a necklace that had a picture of a beautiful castle.

Week 11 MS

  Prince  Arthur's morning There was a young prince named Arthur, he woke up early in the morning in his bright white castle. He was a very crafty and sneaky prince, he went on the stairs and tripped, the prince went rolling down the stairs, he broke the door and he went rolling in the leaves he went back inside and jumped on his bed and grabbed his phone to play some video games than the chief called Breakfast is ready! The prince went downstairs to discover that they had bacon and eggs. He ate breakfast and went upstairs to go to class.

Week 11 JR

  It was a dark day when the white castle brightly shines in the darkness, and all of the knights were wondering what happened to this castle. The brave knights fought on that day they were rolling on the leaves waiting for backup the blue versus the red...Suddenly the knights saw a dragon it was not the blue or the red dragon it was a green dragon! The knight was being smart and crafty and went into the bright white castle, and told all of the knights to come to fight with them and they fought and fought.

Week 11 DD

  D-Day June 6 ,1944 France ,Normandy Ships in the sea were heading towards the sandy beach. “500 yards!” yelled the general.  The soldiers jumped out of the boats. The clear white bullets were everywhere;. A big trench was blocking their path. In front of a hill were two big castle shaped towers on top, inside were two big machine guns that were shooting at the beach. On the hill was a muddy grassy field leading into a town.The soilders defeated all the machine gunners.When they got on the hill there were trenches.The germans came out of the trenches shooting the army.

Week 11 E S

  A tall white castle stood over little Mary, Mary’s looking for her little brother, and she thinks he got in there, as the crafty kid she is she got in but when she got in it was dead silent. The castle’s lights we’re all off. that didn’t stop Mary she looked in all the rooms. her brother was not in there at all. So she walked out of the castle then suddenly... she heard her mom calling her name ‘Mary come bring William in’ she said, oh no how would i tell mom that i lost my brother?! ‘can we please stay out longer?’ i said ‘of course’ mom said, so then i sat down outside on a pile of leaves, and then i saw William rolling down a hill.

Week 11 GR

  Frigid cold wind made the snow swirl up around me and my friends. The white snow tundra stretched out in front of us. The snow was up to our chests and freezing cold. Out in the distance I spotted a castle . I shouted to my friends to follow me. When we got there we found something much worse than cold snow - a crafty witch flew in on a broom. All of a sudden the witch fell off her broom and landed in the leaves with a sickening splat. My friends started rolling on the ground with laughter. “Oh shoot” I thought. 

Week 11 AM

  Once there was a white castle the king that lived in the castle was very crafty .  He had a daughter named Claire.  One day Claire went out to play she climbed up a hill.  At the top she saw barrels next to her and she leaned on the tree they were leaning on.  And then a barrel went rolling down the hill and hit a tree!  Claire went to the barrel to clean up.  Inside the barrel there were toys.  Luckily nothing was damaged.  While she was cleaning she saw leaves on the ground they looked so pretty.

Week 11 N A

Carl’s days This is Carl. 5 days ago he tried rolling a monster trucks wheel, and it didn’t go well. He tripped on a stone. One day ago he was trying to find his teddy but instead, he found one shiny white diamond. Today his teacher told him to be crafty and make a story. He wrote his story and he passed. After school, he saw some amazing type of leaves. He brought some of them and gave it to his mom. He soon started to become an adventurer. He explored missing island and missing planes, he was famous for a traveller….