Week 12 Word Master

The cat overate

“Come here Mr.Kitty, time to eat”. 

The cat padded over to his food dish. Though the cat thought his dish would be piled high with food, he only found a tiny bit. He turns around and walks over to the refrigerator. Then pops open the door and gobbles down a whole ribeye steak. After that he felt really ill. His owner found him lying on the floor and brought the poor kitty to the terrifying veterinarian!! “Oh my god” said the cat “Help!”. The second the owner pulled him out of the carrier the cat shrieked and ran home.


  1. Oh, naughty puss! I wonder if he learned his lesson and realised that his family were trying to help him lose weight.
    Check your tenses Word Master? The story began in the past tense, then became set in the present - a little confusing for your reader.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand


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