Week 12 Gabbie

 Week 12   …he felt really ill…

There is a girl named lea. She had a huge test today then she had an idea.Her plan was to fake being sick and of course it was not a good idea but she just did it anyway. Lea told her mom that she was sick and her mom thought she was sick because lea’s brother was really sick because he ate too much ice cream and he played in the rain since yesterday. Lea’s mom told her to go to her bed then lea did,lea went downstairs to get a snack.her brother also went downstairs then when lea’s brother touched her and coughed on her, lea began to feel sick, too sick she could not play video games. Lea’s mom told her to stay upstairs no matter what then she did. “From ‘cough’ now on I will ‘cough’ never fake being sick and always ‘cough’ go to class!” lea said with her not so clear voice.


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