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Week 25 Sunjam There was a girl named Presley.she was walking down the street and when presley  saw  a water fountain with a statue on it. After she started walking down the street to her house. When she got there she started watching tv . Presley started getting tired so she went to bed and she started snoring. The next morning Presley woke up and made food. Once she was done eating she got dressed and Presley started watching a movie when she was finished watching the movie. She went outside, she saw the statue and presley started wailing down the street.

Week 25 Ruth


Week 25 Muna

  I was down in my neighborhood when I noticed a man was running away from something. I looked back to see what it was and it was an old man. It was getting dark and I was freaking out so I  decided to run back. Then just when I looked back the man was running towards me I turned my head just to see the man that was running was turned into a statue, From running  I got really sweaty just when I lost him I got zapped and turned into stone, and now I am forever a stone statue.

Week 25 Manjeet

  One day a man went to his friend's home. He got a friend home . He stayed for 5 hours then went on this way. The next day he talked on this phone on meeting at the park starting to go light dim on this way he talked to Bob ok a loaf of bread it is $3 ok give money. He talked and went on this way. He started to see the park. The saw his friend and talk this friend’s they his dog followed him to the store and the park the dog started a racket fire be continued

Week 25 Lincoln

  Once upon a time  I was walking through the woods and i tripped on this metal piece sticking  out of the ground  it was getting dark out so i went home to sleep the next day i went to the same area with a shovel and I started digging and digging then i fingered out that i need more people to help me. My dad works at a construction site so he  dug it up it was a statue

Week 25. Kylie

  There was a weathered statue of a man that had a flamingo in it and was controlling it. But the flamingo had rabies and almost bit me but I got a picture of the statue and me. Then the statue yeeted me into the river I got out of the river soaked in water and then I slapped the weathered statue in the face then it slapped me back in my face so we had a slapping war. The next day I had flamingo food in my pocket so the statue ate it and we became best friends for life!

Week 25 Kensie

  Once there was a chunky dog. He loved to go and pee on the statue outside in the garden. The statue was always pointing in one direction. The next day the dog went to dig up the statue but he stepped on a stone block and a secret passageway opened up to a huge pool with statues. The dog was so happy that he started peeing on all the statues. The status started moving towards the pee infested dog. They grabbed the dog and  threw him backup where the other statue was standing  and the dog acted like nothing happened.

Week 25 Kensie

Week 25 Jiya

  On a downfall day, I was walking home from camp. I saw a weird looking statue, he was as creepy as he could be. I decided I would ignore the creepiness the statue was surrounding. I continued walking when I heard something walking behind me, there was the spooky statue. I was terrified! “ Hi!” the statue said. “ Who are you, and what do you want?” I asked. I got a tigerish feeling in my head. I told the statue that I had to go now” I said ”Why?”asked the statue. “ It is getting dark.” I said.  To be continued…

Week 25 Grace

  Once there was a chunky dog. He loved to go and pee on the statue outside in the garden. The statue was always pointing in one direction. The next day the dog went to dig up the statue but he stepped on a stone block and a secret passageway opened up to a huge pool with statues. The dog was so happy that he started peeing on all the statues. The status started moving towards the pee infested dog. They grabbed the dog and  threw him backup where the other statue was standing  and the dog acted like nothing happened.

Week 25. Gavin and RJ

  It was a sunny afternoon but the ants were bored of their same old anthill. There was an ant named Tiny.  He had an idea that they should move into the hill by the huge blue statue.  Tiny told his friends about his idea and they said “ I like the idea, let's do it!”  When the queen ant heard about this idea she threatened to sit on him.  But the other ants thought Tiny’s idea  would work, so they started walking towards the blue statue.  What they did not know was that they had a road to cross dun dun...

Week 25 Gabbie

  I had lost my job at the bear factory 2 weeks ago.When I heard the news it felt like a bear had stabbed me in the back! One day I walked into an alley,I don’t know why, but I just did. I met someone called Jim. he told me that I can be a statue (street actor.) He told me “just paint yourself in grey green, even your clothes.” I didn't ask him why though The next day I painted myself and stood as still as I could that I looked like I was paralyzed. I don’t know how he knew i was fired...

Week 25 Dresden

  Week 25. Jedi Temple fall. intro(A long time ago in a galaxy far far away) the jedi have just received word that the jedi temple was under attack.Anakin skywalker and a army of the 501st were leading up to the stairs.the jedi guards and were in front of all the youngling jedi with the jedi knights in a huge nearly 10 seconds a pillar falls on etleast 4 jedi bombs go off and there are lasers flying in the air.wail the clone troopers are dealing with the jedi anakin finds the room of younglings...

Week 25. Dea

  The Nut Job After a windy morning Farly the squirrel started to look for nuts for the Winter. He looked here and there but couldn’t find anything for himself. Scattering to his house he started to smell something delicious, he glazed to his sides and spotted a nut cart! Trying to make a plan to get the cart with nuts he finally got it! It began by jumping on the umbrella on the top of the cart. Scurried to the stash and just about when he was going to take a couple,  a dog started to bark, this scared Farly for his life but he escaped with his food in time until he saw a giant scarecrow statue that scared the cookies out of him dropping his food for Winter.

Week 25 Cole

  A copper statue. The person depicted in the statue was a great person. helping on the farm. collecting the weat Feeding the animals And scaring the crows away He constantly was farming feeding and scaring Over. and over. and Yeah You get it.  one day when he went outside to collect the weat. all of the crops  were gone. Who could have done this he said But the farmer saw A black shadow run into the forest He chased the black Thing until it stopped. Bonk. Turned out it  was not some random  monster it was just 10 hungry raccoons. He picked up the raccoons, gave them a little bit more food  because they were still hungry And told  them to scram. The end

Week 25 Clara

  I started to run with the elephant beside me, I came up to a statue. I Motion the elephant to hide behind the statue, I stay quiet, wall the lion sniffed the ground, the lion did it again! The cat trend around and ran!  I had a feeling something was coming! I looked beside me and Inodes that the elephant ears were up . the elephant was listening to something, but what was it? I said ( since the line is gone I can take a break and I can name this elephant ? All name you Bily, or Steve, I know! Tommy.)

Week 25 Caleb

  Week 25 100 word challenge There was a farmer his name was Carl.Carl loved planting flowers. He planted a gigantic area full of them. One day he noticed that the birds were in his flowers. Not only the birds but other animals to. And they were wrecking them. After he had worked so hard to plant them. He thought what could I do to stop them. He went and bought a scarecrow. The scarecrow wasn’t working. So he went and bought a very tall one that looked like a statue with a top  hat. The statue looked very scary. So scary that the birds and animals left the flowers alone.

Week 25 Amanda

Week 25 Adobe Spark Video! Crumbling stone! Engulfed by stone, person after person! Until one brave hero came, they stomped and broke the stone, everyone was free! But the brave hero lost his freedom that day. The people always remembered his tale. It took forever but they grew him a garden of peace, all the rarest flowers were planted there in his honor. The people thought he just might come back to life if they planted enough flowers. Though one tragic day the stone came back! The people who weren't stone thought that they had disrespected the hero. Soon the only person left alive was the hero...

Week 25 Jayden and Aarav

The moving statue In the early days, there was a statue named Harrison Johnson the person who was the president of the USA but now has died and they had kept a statue of him. But something was weird about that statue everybody knew the myth that the statue moves at night nobody actually saw him because they knew he was HAUNTED! He went through the sewers and exited through the sewer covers, but the good thing is that he went at night because there were a lot of criminals in the city so he wanted to help the people in the city.

Week 24 Lincoln

  Hello my name is Jerry orange. This lady picked me up on sunday. My best friend is Lenny lime. Lenny was a risk taker ever since he got here  now he wants to   escape  the KITCHEN dah dah dah! We have been planning this for 2 days. In orange days that's a week. We decided that we do it when it's dark out, that's when we don’t see her.the orange one spoke first, Saying it’s time to go they pushed the peanut butter jar off the counter to distract the dog. They were scared about hurting themselves they jump.

Week 24 Sunjam

  One day there was a girl named Bonnie and her friend oliva. And they were walking down the street until they found a mysterious box with designs on it, the girls got confused and Olivia said let's open it. Bonnie said oliva  there could be something dangerous in it. Bonnie and oliva picked the box up and walked until they saw two girls, the orange one spoke first  before we could say hi. She got jealous right away then Bonnie and Olivia just walked away. Then Bonnie opened the box with Olivia and saw a puppy in it....

Week 24 Ryker and Lily

  Baby yoda found an orange than baby yoda named the orange orange juice. Baby yoda showed the mandalorian orange juice to him and they yeeted him into space. Orange juice went to the moon and when orange juice landed in darth vader's territory they had a big battle and orange juice won the battle. The colorful stormtroopers looked so cool but suddenly … the orange one spoke first. The orange one said “can i have oreos “ orange juice said “ oreo party“ . Then the stormtrooper’s ate him with oreos until he was just skin and bones.And it was delicious   the end

Week 24 Lilia

  The orange peel and his friends were walking down a very tricky Hill. It was very Steep and very very big. The orange peel spoke first let's go down the path on the side said the orange peel.His friend the carrots spoke and she said no let's not do that, let's go down the skateboard aisle then we could skate down once we got the skateboards said the orange carrot. No said the pineapple, let's just walk down. We could roll down since we're all round. the orange peel and the carrots said yes let's do that and they got down the hill safely.

Week 24 Kieran

  There was a toy called fur balls. They were very cute but when you were not looking they would move and kill you, they were slowly taking over the world. Skyscrapers were destroyed and cities were filled with the little freaks sitting on the side walks and some were moving very slowly. They were destroyers, and they made irritating sounds (like when your teacher uses their chalk they use it on the board, and it makes a shrieking sound). When The fur balls exploded it destroyed countries and half of them survived. 10 years later Among us invaded the world, killing the destructive fur balls

Week 24 Kaili

  One week after reggie and his parents found the weird egg reggie's mom cristine was going to wash her hands  then she found something gross and slimy “ AHH” yelled cristine “ what's wrong mom “ asked reggie in confusion.”there's something slimy and gross in the bathroom”reggie walked in the bathroom to see what was in there “eww” said reggie “it's a creator of some sort”said reggie.”but why is it orange “said cristine firmly.they all froze .the orange one spoke first . Mama dada said the orange thing.”AHHH”screamed cristine and reggie.they both ran out of the bathroom.then the father dave came home. He came stumping in.he took a quick glance at the orange creature.”what's that” ASKED dave. “Not sure” SHRIEKED cristien.

Week 24 Grace

  Wandering through the universe it felt like something was watching me. Oh and by the way I'm Volcanostar, I'm a cat and I like to eat popsicles, and because I ate so many popsicles we now are in war with them. The clan has decided we will shred them to pieces! My littermates are vegans so they  can't eat popsicles but I sure am not and I like to eat popsicles. The war went in the popsicles favor probably because the orange one spoke first and then we were kicked out of the beautiful universe. THE END!

Week 24 Dresden

  The orange on spoke first Clone trouble Fall back fall back! Said commander bly.the battle droids are winning the battle over the plans to an ultimate weapon to destroy the republic.arf trooper 33414 called a republic dropship but the communications were busted. feelin lucky are ya said commander bly.wail trooper 33414 was fixing his backup requests a b2 super battle droid crushed him with its metal hands.we need a medic medic! Shouted a trooper.suddenly soilders not clones emerge the orange one spoke first saying con raiders! And threw a wooden stick in the droid generator.

Week 24 RJ

  Prompt: ….the orange one spoke first….  Rhys accidentally dropped a hammer on his toe.  Of course, it only rattled his bones.   Rhys was in a lot of pain.  Gavin had to call the ambulance!   Rhys had dropped another hammer on his foot and  was in lots of pain!!!!!!   Strangely, fish were driving the ambulance.  The orange one spoke first, “You guys should probably call the doctor!!!”   Then suddenly a doctor came into our house.  The doctor took a look at Rhys’ foot and said it was a twisted ankle.    “WHAT, A TWISTED ANKLE!!!!” Rhys exclaimed, “GET OUT OF HERE DOCTOR!!!”  “Fine!” Doctor Bob left the house. 

Week 24 Nathan Please copy and paste the link to view :)

Week 24 Muna

“…….Carrot CHIEF…………….. HELP!” A orange one shouted. “Yes, what is it young cucumber?” The chief answered.  “There is a human who wanted to eat us. We tried to protect the children but he ate baby strawberries from the village next door.” Cucumber exclaimed     “how will we keep our village safe!” Carrot chief answered “ we need to eliminate the threat so we can keep this safe haven I have built safe.” Then the beauty cucumber took action despite the chief's direct orders. She loved her village too much to just watch them be killed off one by one..   So she did.

Week 24. War Week by Manjeet

  One day in the supermarket the last orange spoke.He said,”out the gate of doom food is going to be obliterated.”Every drink, vegetable, cupcake and chocolate is mad.The candy screamed ”The supermarket is opening the giants are entering the store. One of the giants took a fruit to the checkout of terror.The meat is starting to panic. The snacks are chilling.Toilet paper and hand sanitizer are screaming as they're being picked up.Most of the giants are rushing to the milk.The last orange is being looked at.All the food is... To be continued...

Week 24 Luna and Emilly

  Emilly/Luna and i were playing among us and i was the imposter Luna im pink. Emilly im yellow. Luna/And I was the imposter too.Emily/I vented into cams and killed the person watching cams but then someone walked in.Luna/ and i walked in and killed orange. Emilly/ I saw the other imposter (Luna) kill orange so I went to nav to see pink just waiting to be killed.Luna/i walked in too o2 and killed blue.Emilly/then i chased brown they called an emergency meeting and pink said i was the imposter and they other imposter was green and they all voted me out orange voted first.Luna/i have killed orange i thought oh no what about Emilly!! Emilly/ Now I watched my other imposter.

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Week 24 Jiya and Ruth Please copy and paste the link :)

Week 24 Japjeet

  Onesaponaey time there was an orange  dog made of oring smoke and there was a bluedog I love the blue dog more so the orange dog got jealous he hid the blue dog in the ventso we would love him more but it took 2 days find him the ventse hit each other we stop both of them they end.

Week 24 Gavin

  Of course it only ratted his bones.   Rhys was in a lot of pain.  Gavin had to call the ambulance!   He dropped another hammer on his foot!  Now Rhys was in lots of pain!!!!!! Suddenly an orange fish spoke first “he was mad because the living weight popped his balloon.” said fish. “Ha like a weight could be alive.”  Then suddenly a doctor came into the house.  The doctor took a look at Rhys’s foot and said it was only a twisted ankle.   Rhys exclaimed “ WHAT A TWISTED ANKLE!!!!”  Rhys said “GET OUT OF HERE DOCTOR”!!! “Fine” said Doctor Bob.

Week 24 Gabbie

  I was guiding my spaceship to Mars with my friend. When we got there, we didn’t find anything at first but we found the rainbow people. There were purple and red aliens but there was only 1 orange alien. Chesca and I said hello then thI was guiding my spaceship to Mars with my friend. the orange alien spoke first. We couldn’t understand what it was saying but luckily we had our alien translator which we never used until now. “Leave mortels!” it said. Chesca said “ we just need a sample of the planet.” “ then we shall get you some of our finest rock” after that we got back to earth...

Week 24 Dea

The Carrot Mystery part 1 It all started in the afternoon when the carrots of the four bunnies disappeared.  Kible called a group meeting and all four of the bunnies showed up. The orange one spoke first “Oh my God, where could they have gone!!”. All bunnies started to worry since they had no food for Winter. Captain Pink started to talk loudly: ”We have no evidence of this thief, but we need to find out where the carrots are!”  “Ooo are we going to use a snowmobile like last time?” asked Green bunny. “No, but there's a better way.. It's time to solve the mystery!” Part two is coming next week (week 25)

Week 24 Clara

  I was on the tree shivering when I noticed that the lion looked back, and the big cat turned around and ran. I was wondering why the big lion ran. Then I heard a cracking sound. The branch fell down! I fell off the tree. Crash! My eyes opened and I saw an orange, strawberry, and a yellow banana! The orange spoke first. It  said get up. In a rood voice. Then the orange, strawberry, and banana disappeared. I saw the baby elephant on me, a few minutes  I heard a grrr sound behind me…  To be continued next week!

Week 24 Caleb

  Week 24 ...the orange one spoke first… Once upon a time there was a boy named Jeff. Jeff loved to go and explore new places. One day he went into a forest. As he was strolling through the forest, he ran into something. He got closer to see what it was. It appeared to be  a cave. He went in the cave. As he was exploring the cave he ran into two wolves. One wolf was blue and the other one was orange. The orange one spoke first and asked Jeff “what are you doing in our cave”.  Jeff replied “I wanted to see what this place was.” “And why are you colored.” To be continued…

Week 24 Amanda and Grace

Week 24 Adobe spark video Warriors vs popsicles!  Wandering through the forest, it felt like something was watching me. “Oh, and by the way Im Volcanostar”. “I'm a cat and eating popsicles is my clan's thing. “We like them so much that we got into war with them”!  “The clan has decided we will shred them to pieces”! The orange popsicle spoke first and said, “da da dee dumb, you cant eat me”. Then the youngest member of the clan ate him whole and devoured the rest of their sugary souls. So that's how there's a creature growing inside of our youngest clanmate! THE END! Put me as AJ please