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week 22 Shiloh

  Week 22 One day it was my Kayley’s birthday party. Her birthday party was at the bowling alley. I had a lot of fun there! My friend invited her friends Ashley, Kiera, Olivia, me and her cousins.Then it was time for the gift opening now. She got a new computer and a hoverboard and lots more. She probably loved it so much! But one day she told me it was lost. Her mom asked me why I wasn't using her new computer at all? She said “but where did i go? She shouted. Her mom said i don't have any clue you're the one who's supposed to keep an eye on it. So I helped her go look for it. Yes I did find it for her!

week 22 RJ

  Week 22 ‘… but where did it go?’ she shouted… The Mysterious Sailboat! One sunny day on the beach I saw a mysterious sail boat floating in the sea.  I  checked it out.  It was completely empty!  I jumped on the boat and thought I would sail the seas a bit.  Suddenly, the boat disappeared!!!  “But where did it go?” I  shouted.  I was sinking to the bottom of the ocean!!!!!!!  Magically, I started floating and swimming! “How could this be possible?!”  Suddenly a big rock was floating in the sky!  The rock started falling towards me!!!!!  I quickly swam to shore and the rock landed in the water!  What a crazy adventure!

week 22 Nathan

  S i r e n H e a d P a r t 3!!!   I threw the tree at siren head “...but where did he go?”. He appeared right behind me, I look behind, and he grabbed me. Just then I shut my eyes and I disappeared. I was beside my friend, and he asked me “how did you do that?” I replied to him “I don’t know”. We both agreed to train me. We went to a huge field, and we trained how to make me fly for days. In a couple of months I learned how to fly and lift heavy things. I thanked him for his help and I then  saw...

week 22 Natanim

  The kid lost ball  One day There was a girl called sam. She was going to the park to play with her friend Madison and she was playing for a really long time then she fell tired and kicked the ball really far. Madison and Sam sit down and take a break, after their break she knows that she lost her ball, she try to find it but ere did it go? She shouted.

week 22 Martin

  Martin and Jayden were astonished when their friend disappeared  but where did he go?’ Martin shouted , “I have no idea,” sayed Jayden. The boys searched everywhere amazingly to their surprise they didn't find him. Martin said ”we can't give up we have to find him”, how tho? Jayden hollered. “Hey look at the footprints” spotted Martin. ”Let's follow them”! Shouted Jayden. The two boys followed his footprints for hours and hours but then it stopped! Martin and Jayden were confused  then right before their eyes they saw a puzzling light appear before them it was!...

week 22 Pizzacatlover

  It was a stormy day. One kid had to bike to school. When she got to school she put her bike on the bikerak . After that her and her friend were going to class.when school was done she went to her bike . But where did it go?” her friend shouted “ I do not now”the girl said. So she called the police to find her bike. When they found the bike they also found a Murderer the police officer asked “what is your name little girl” “ my name is Venelope ” the girl said “that is a nice name” the policeofosser said.

Week 22 Kaili

  On a nice hot summer day a girl  named audrey was playing with her friends when she notice her bike that she rode to her friends house was gone ”WHERE DID IT GO”...”SHE SHOUTED” MOM! Did you take my bike the mom said no well it was right there she said in confusion? Did you accidently put it somewhere or forgotten it”.HMMM…. said Audrey “i wonder if i left it at the park let's look said  audrey.NO not here her friends said no not over here the mom looked at home but it wasn't there either. WILL FIND IT I PROMISE SAID THE MOM!

Week 22 JM

  On a luminous day I went on a stroll with my dog to purchase some treats. Luckily when I was at the store, I ran into my friend! Me and my friend were chatting for a few minutes. After we were done talking, I thought to myself. “ Couldn’t this day get any better!” Just a second after the thought, I peeked at my dog and he disappeared! “ Where did it go?” I screeched “ What happened?” Said my friend. “ My dog is gone!” I said cowardly. Me and my friend kept on looking for my dog… to be continued   

Week 22 Jayden

  The lost bike  I was riding on my bike going to the park but I was with talking to my friend so then someone stole my bike. The man went down the hill and disappeared. He stole a lot of bikes, almost every kid but why we thought, I went on my friend’s bike then we went to my home and I told my parents that someone stole my bike they were not surprised because they already knew about the man that steels bikes in this neighbourhood. So then we went on a search at night we looked all over the place ...where did it go Jayden shouted...

Week 22 Grace

  The rock falls on Moriah, leaving her in shock and lying down on the ground.  Abigail comes running and peeks into the hole. She thinks out loud, “where did she go ?”. Moriah was gone. Abigail went searching the neighborhood for her big sister. She tripped and fell over a weird voodoo like rag doll. The doll looked like Moriah. Then she heard a voice calling her. She was so curious that she didn't even think. Then she followed the voice, finding a freakishly skinny lady.  she looked up and the creature was giving her a wide grin. Looking oddly familiar...

Week 22 Gabbie

  One day Summer was going to sit on a bench. Summer’s little brother Sam sat next to Summer. Summer bought a big chocolate bar and put it beside her. Sam had a plan to steal that chocolate Bar. “Hey sis i’m going to go now.” Sam said. Summer said “ok Sam.” Sam actually went behind summer and got her chocolate. Summer saw that her chocolate bar was gone, she already knew who it was. Sam was nibbling the chocolate when summer stormed in and said “ where is my chocolate!” Sam said “I don't know.” “But where is it!” she shouted...

Week 22/23 Dea

  The Bunny Disappeared                   Week 23  (Part two!!!) Runa ran into the large meadow with extremely long grass and started to really get worried. Shouting “Milo please come back!” She tried to look through the grass but she just couldn’t! Milo heard her voice and he tried to find his way home by her voice. He was so close! Until he saw another flower to sniff.  “Huh Milo?”  Runa saw him at the end of the meadow sniffing a beautiful red flower. She got him home and never let him out of her sight again.

Caleb Week 22

  ‘… but where did it go?’ she shouted… Max was a boy who loved stuffies. His favorite was a stuffy of a dog. One morning when he woke up, he noticed his stuffy was missing. “But where did it go”? he shouted.  First place he checked was under his bed. There was nothing there. He checked under his desk, but there was still nothing there. Max went to multiple rooms and checked. Still no sign of his stuffy. He went and asked him mom where it was. She replied that she thinks the family dog buried it in the backyard somewhere. They went searching and found where the dog had dug a hole. They dug it up but what did they find?

Week 22 Amanda

  The Figure Skater 2 Ally rushed to get her boots on she was really struggling! Finally she got them on! She snatched up her skating bag and rushed out the door! She was gonna be late for figure skating! When she got there everyone was already on the ice she hurried onto the ice luckily they were just doing their warm up. When Ally was done figure skating she walked over to the dressing room. Her friend walked past her and quickly said that her boots were missing. Wait but where did they go! Ally yelled frustratedly. I don't know!

Week 21 Shiloh

  One day my friend Hailey and I were having a sleepover. It was early in the morning when she came. It was about 8:30 am. We had french toast for breakfast then played video games on my ipad. It was super fun. Then I asked my mom if we could go in the backyard to my pool. My mom said sure so we went in. It was very nice but it was getting late so Hailey and I got dressed and went to go get pizza. Hailey and I had to pick up the pizza but it was heavier than I expected.

Week 21 RJ

  One day I was walking down a beach and saw a sailboat.  The sail looked like a… PIRATE SAIL!  I checked the ship and there was a bottle of rum, a pirate hat, a sword and a gun with only one shot.  I woke a man with crazy hair.  He said “ Who are you?”  I said “ Who are you?”  He said “ I am Captain Jack Sparrow!  Are you a pirate?”  I  said “  yes!”  I picked up the bottle of rum, but it was heavier than I expected!  I drank the bottle of rum and the crew was mad at me!  

Week 21

  S i r e n H e a d P a r t 2!!! Meanwhile the ground shook and I had a hallucination reflecting myself. Siren head did his siren noise, Slender man screamed an irritating sound. Me and my friend ran with nothing but horror, I ran in a shed. My friend ran home with tears in his eyes. We were both in contact by calling each other. I shut my eyes and took 5 deep breaths. I then ran and tried to pick up a tree, but it was heavier than I expected , so I used all my force, and my eyes lit up bright. I carried the tree and threw it...

Week 21 Natanim

  The gold rock   WEEK 21  There was a kid called Jack. He was living with his dog Teddy. One day he was going on a trip and he was  packing his bag. After his trip he was taking taddy walk and teddy smelled something and then the teddy started going right and Jack said teddy come then teddy woof woof. Ok said jack, and teddy walked him and they both saw a gold rock. They were little Jack wanted to take one rock but it was  but it was heavier than they expected…

week 21 Molly

  Once upon a time the girl fell so her dad took her to the hospital.All she did was break her leg so she came back with a cast few weeks later.She was way better they playede there was a girl named nina.Nina was going on a walk but she saw this poor girl. Trying to move this tire well her dad was right there.Not helping her move it so nina went over there and helped.Her but… it was heavier than i expected.Cause it was a big tire then  the tire fell an again.

week 21 Martin

  Among Us backstory It all starts in polus the laboratory  has viles that contain the parasite that creates the bad guy we know as the imposter one of the viles broke and the parasite is unleashed it runs into the crewmates body scared it runs to the bathroom stalls it vented to the outside it saw a snowman and he made friends with the snowman.Then he sees another one he keeps making friends with snowmans till he sees a group of snowmen by a dead snowman then he got the idea to destroy the crewmates so he hopped on the ship and the parasite kept making more parasites and they kept going to different ships and if the parasites destroy everyone on the ship they win!                                                             The End

Week 21 Lily

  I was at daycare and I drot my slime . when baycare was done I tried to pick it up  but it was heavier than I expected . I still got it into my bag  and brought it home. When i get home i put my slime into the bag with the other slime .after i did that i went to play on my tablet until I looked back and the Slime started to explode everywhere before my parents got home I cleaned it all up It took a long time .when my parents got home it was squeaky clean.

Week 21 Kieran

  Once i was using my pen when i pick it up it was way heavier than i expected i fell to the ground and hit my head on something so mushy i fell through the ground and slammed my face into the concrete floor and i was still holding the pen  which dragged my through the concrete floor and into the dirt i was just pacing some worms when i heard a scream and it kept dragged me into stone i was bleeding a buche and i just hit my head on a giant stone as it started to drag my into lava.

Week 21 Jiya

  … but it was heavier than I expected…  Splash! Rain kept me waiting to go outside with my neighborhood friends. Their names were Maytu, Sunkari and Dia. “ I hate rain!” I groaned. “ It is going to go away.” my sister assured me. Suddenly, the rain went away!  It was like a miracle! I raced outside like the wind. Me and my friends were playing joyfully. “ Did you know that my dad bought me a chocolate box.” said Dia “ I’m going to bring it.” After a while, Dia said that the chocolate box was very heavy. We secure Dia in lifting the  box, but it was heavier than we expected.

Week 21. Adventures with moriah and abigail. Grace

  “Today was a dumb day”, Abigail said dragging her backpack on the floor. “So?” Moriah asked stubbornly lying on the couch. “Bye, said abigail”, zooming out the door, ignoring her. Moriah went running after her. “Let's go play a game”, said abigail. They went to the backyard and found a hole in the grass. “That's too deep, how are we gonna get out?”, Moriah said. As soon as she says it, Abigail pulls her in the hole with her. Moriah screams being pulled in but as Abigail climbs out, a rock tumbles onto moriah and it's heavier than she expected...

Week 21 Gavin

  ….but it was heavier than I expected….. It was a sunny afternoon and Rhys and Gavin were excited because we are getting a pet fish. The fish would be at our house soon. The doorbell rang and Gavin rushed over. The pet fish had arrived! Rhys got up off the couch and came to help carry the tank to the table. But the table was wobbly, so Rhys went downstairs to get some weights to make the table more stable. But it was heavier than I expected so he dropped the weight on his toe!  “Owwwwwwwwwww”, howled Rhys, but luckily it was only a one pound weight.     

Week 21 Gabbie

  We went to someone's house to pick up some books, and my dad ordered them online. We were just listening to music until we got home. I think my sisters were having a snooze fest, anyway I scurried to go inside when my dad asked me to help carry the stuff inside because we also went shopping, I had to carry the books. I thought “ These books are nothing, these books will be light!” but i was wrong, it was super heavy i tried to not drag it because it would get dirty then i finally was inside! (true story.)

But it was heavier than I expected … week 21. Dea

  It was a beautiful day when Nina’s mom Mrs. Fornawd yelled“ Nina!” “Yes mother?” asked Nina. “I need you to go and borrow some sugar from your grandmother”. “Oh alright!” said Nina happily. Walking through the forest to grandma’s house, Nina started seeing her grandmother’s  cottage. When arrived, Nina knocked on the door.. “Grandma it's me coming to borrow some sugar!”. Grandma opened the door and Nina entered. “Here sweetheart,you can find the sugar in the cabinet.” Nina thanked Granny and went to grab the sugar.. But it was heavier than she expected.. So she dropped the whole bag of sugar on the floor

Week 21 Caleb

  ...But it was heavier than I expected  Carl  always wanted to go to a construction site to explore. One day his mom took him to see a construction site. As he was checking out all the tools. He came across a piece of metal on the ground. There was something under it. Carl tried to lift it but it was to heavy for him.  Asking his mom for help, he said “it was heavier than I expected it to be”. His mom tried and she couldn’t. Carl was really curious as to what was under. But I guess he would have to wait…. To be continued

Week 21 AJ

  Heavy as a rock! I was going to the park when I remembered mom wanted me to pick up some flour from the grocery store on my way back. When I was almost home I realized I had so much fun at the park I forgot to get the flour! Panicked, I turned around and ran toward the grocery store. It was almost time for it to close! When I arrived there I was panting. I walked inside and grabbed a bag of flour but it was heavier than I expected it sorta felt like there was a rock inside!

Week 21 - Aarav

  I was sitting home alone. It was raining. I heard the doorbell ring but I was too busy playing video games.I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to the sound of scratching on the door.I went to the security camera and looked but nothing was there i checked outside.I saw a package on the sidewalk i slowly went to get it suddenly i blinked and the package moved i was terrified.The road looked empty so i sprinted to the next sidewalk.I kept walking i grabbed it ...But it was heavier than i expected...

Week 20/21 Sunshine

      Once upon a time there were kids.  The kids were walking home from school  and they saw an abandoned street. They decided to look in the street and saw a bike tied to a tree. They decided to come here each day from now on to look for clues. They walked home, ate dinner and went to bed. The next day they woke up, grabbed their shoes and out the door they went. They got to the street, touched the bike and zombies came to garud the bike from the kids  when they touched  the bike and ran all the way home.

Week 20/21 Nathan

                     The magical bike  One time there were 3 kids who tried to fly their magical bike but when it just wouldn’t take off they  were confused because it worked yesterday but not today. Since they couldn’t take off they went to get fireworks but when they came back, to their surprise it was moving without anyone on it!!! Just then they decided to try flying it again, and it worked!!! Everyone was in shock. The three kids flew to the moon and the stars. They also went on Mars to check out what it looked like, and it looked awesome!!! They told everyone.

Week 20/21 Natanim

  Once Upon Time there was a boy called John, and he was riding his bike. And he was tired, and he put his bike in front of his door. And he fell a sleep. Soon it is dark a thief comes in his door, and he sees his bike And he takes it and ties it in tree . In the morning he woke up, and he wanted to make an egg and there was no egg. And he went to buy eggs, and he saw his bike tied in a tree, and he said “THAT IS MY BIKE!” he tried to take off his bike but When it just wouldn't take off...

Week 20/21 Martin

  The rocket that wouldn't take off! Once there was a boy named Bob and a girl named Lunar, they wanted to go to space. Lunar brought her bike and  Bob brought a rope. They knotted the bike to face upward on a tree and put paper buttons on . When they were ready to take off they argued about who would fly into space, in the end Bob was the one that was going to go. Bob was ready to take off when it just wouldn't work , it just made a ring sound! They thought that they pressed the wrong button.

Week 20/21 Lily

  It was a normal day and a little girl was playing outside with her brother then they went to go see their friends  on the way to their friends house, The little girl spotted a rusty bike. “ Can we take it home? “ she asked. so her and her brother went to get it and they put their bikes down .when they came back to there bikes were tied to the trees near the  water well by there house .the little girl started to think that the bikes were haunted she was terrified.but she still tried to get them off . but when she chryed  that is when it just wouldn’t take off!

Week 20/21 Lilia and Muna

  One day a little bunny came biking down the path when huge crows started pecking at his bright yellow bike, the young bunny was so heartbroken. He looked up at the bird perched in a tree. And immediately chucked his bike into the tree. The crow scurried away flapping his wings. He ran home crying, but then crows started picking up their house and chucked it into a tree, the little bunny evacuated his family and they then stopped feeding the crows in the pond. Uncle Gregg was right the crows in Georgia Housenation are cuckoo bananas, Gregg chuckled mercilessly 

Week 20/21 Kylie

  My friends and I went to a forest, and we saw a bike that was on a tree, it was held on by a chain! My friends wanted to take the bike,I did not because it looked like a trap. The oldest person was Abby she really wanted,to stay to take the bike and stay the night. So we did. In the morning I went to look at the bike. It was still very dark like it was night. But I got the bike off the tree. Abby was trying to ride it but it wasn't taking off.

Week 20/21 Kaili

  I t was a normal day and a little girl was   playing outside with her brother then they went to go see their friends  on the way to their friends house. The little girl spotted a rusty bike. “ Can we take it home? “ she asked. so  her and her brother went to get it and they put the bike down .When they came back to the bike it was tied to the tree near the  water well by their house .the little girl started to think that the bikes were haunted. She was terrified.but she still tried to get them off . but when she  touged  it and pulled it  that is when it just wouldn’t take off !

Week 20/21 Jayden

  the portal bike  There was a kid walking in his neighbourhood but then he found this mysterious bike tied to a tree he went close to cut the rope but, as he went close to the bike, the bike went in a portal and disappeared. He went chasing after it in the portal but he was like where am, it was 1963 he was in a forest full of tigers. He was stuck there forever until this man helps him go back to his home but they did not know how to get be continued

Week 20/21 Grace & Jiya

  Cold icy fingers grip my arm and I collapse off my bike straight into a tree. In the darkness I hear, “sorry”, in a weird tone. I take my flashlight out of my pocket and point at the sign that says sorry. I ponder why a sign would say, “sorry”. I shake the sign and hear an, “ow”. Then, I shake the sign harder, it turns into an Alien. Obviously, I don't know if this is bad, good, or even if i made a discovery. I get goosebumps, being speechless and worst of all scared that I scream ear- splitting.

Week 20/21 Gavin & Rhys

  WHEN BIKES FLY AND RACOONS FALL FACE FIRST!!!     One morning Gavin and Rhys woke up and decided to go on their bikes for some exercise.  While they were riding they said “hello” to Jeffery and Jeffery said “ ghfh.”  Then for some strange reason their bikes had rockets and their rocket boosters blasted them around the planet!!!!!  Then they crashed into a power pole but their bikes were not okay.  When they got home they said “We are coming in for repairs.”  “Do you guys need repairs or the bikes need repairs?”   We said “We both need repairs!” “We need a hot shower, that would feel nice, ahh. Woooo!” 

Week 20/21 Gabbie

  While I was biking, my bike suddenly got stuck. I noticed that it was only stuck at the back wheel.I tried to pull it out but it was no use but I also noticed that the mud became quick sand but good thing that it wasn't quick. I had to bring some food from the store and it wasn’t that far so I tied my bike to a pole and left. What i didn’t know is that i have been gone for an hour. When I came back to my bike it was gone. The only thing I found was the front wheel...

Week 20/21 Caleb

  Clinton went to go for a walk in a forest.  As he was walking through the forest, he came across something. It was a bike that looked like it  had been sitting for years. The weird part was  the front wheel was tied to a post standing up.  Clinton wanted to find out whose bike it was and why it was like that. He went searching around the area to find the owner. In his search he did not find anyone. Clinton went back to town and asked around. The owner was found, and said he would explain why later.  To be continued

Week 20/21 Amanda

  The rocket that wouldn't take off! Once there was a boy named Bob and a girl named Lunar, they wanted to go to space. Lunar brought her bike and  Bob brought a rope. They knotted the bike to face upward on a tree and put paper buttons on . When they were ready to take off they argued about who would fly into space, in the end Bob was the one that was going to go. Bob was ready to take off when it just wouldn't work , it just made a ring sound! They thought that they pressed the wrong button.