Week 13 SS

 Week 13

 ...I didn’t remember putting it on...

Once there was a girl named Olivia. One day she forgot to put on her glasses but she didn’t realize. She packed her things and went on the bus to go to school. She thought to herself “why couldn’t I see very clearly” she wondered, but she didn’t worry about it too much till she really couldn’t see well.  Then she touched where her glasses would have been and she didn’t feel her glasses, so she went to the school office and called her mom and said I need my glasses. Then her mom came to the school and gave her her glasses.


  1. Nice story but try to use different transition words instead of she.

  2. I think you story was very good and interesting! You had very good punctuation, but in your writing some of the sentences were to long. You need I didn't remember putting it on in your writing. When there is a thought you don't need to have quotation marks.

  3. Good job use a when someone is talking.


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