Week 12 NA

 Week 12

There once was a famous writer called Mr. Caster and one day he felt really ill and stopped writing  till he felt better. There was a kid who lived in tiny town and loved Mr. Caster’s book’s and was really disappointed when he heard the news about the virus getting into Mr. Caster’s body. The kid was called Alex who wanted to help the famous Mr. Caster get better, so he could continue writing his books so the world could enjoy his books. Alex served him like a butler. Alex continued to serve Mr. Caster till one day Mr. Caster...


  1. Oh no, you have left me in suspense! I wonder if the virus is the coronavirus. I hope Alex was taking lots of precautions, whatever the virus was. I like the idea of him helping the writer to get better so he could continue writing. I think the sentence ‘Alex served him like a butler.’ Is very effective in telling us just how hard Alex tried to help.

  2. Thanks, I didn't have any ideas at start but because I was writing I can talk about a famous writer.


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