Week 12 JM



The girl who came to be sick 

 It was a bright day on Sunday. ‘’Lisa!’’         mom called.  ‘’What is it?’’ I asked.  “Your dad went to buy the groceries, so it is just going to be the two of us.” mom said. Me and my mom watched a  movie. When dad came, he forgot to close the garage. Dad asked me to close the garage, he was busy. I went to the garage. Suddenly, I saw snowflakes! As soon as I came close, it was circling! After, I felt really ill. When days passed, I felt ill. Mom and dad were doing everything, but it wasn’t working….. 


  1. Oh dear, I wonder if the snowflakes were real and Lisa caught a really bad cold/flu because her dad left the garage open. Or, did Lisa see imaginary snowflakes because she was sick?

    I'm a mother and it's really stressful when I can't make things better for my own kids. I found your last line very powerful!

    Well done,

    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia


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