Week 13 Pizza Cat Lover

T he jolly fat man

One morning three little girls were going to the chicken restaurant . right down the road.   When all of a sudden a jolly fat man got messy they started cleaning him.not even noticing that  they Were wearing new sparkly shoes. oh no they said we got them so messy will get us in trouble. .When the girls arrive at home their mom is waiting at the door and it's their mom who says Where Were You Girls. Your School is  5 hours long. How dare you .you are grounded for 4 weeks .they said ok mom.


  1. Hello Pizza Cat Lover,

    A jolly fat man…? I wonder who he might be? I like mysteries. Well done.

    When the girls arrived home, their mother had been worried because of their lateness and grounded them. I wonder if their mother would have grounded them if she found they stopped to help a jolly fat man?

    Keep writing and sharing. You never know how far your stories might travel. Your story travelled 14,439 km (8350.6 miles) so I could read it.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. Great work I hope that mother forgives them and takes them out of grounding

  3. Next time fix your punctuation and spelling but otherwise than that it is amazing.


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