Week 13 RP

 It was one day until Christmas  Eve! 

I love Christmas!  

It was nighttime.

I heard creeping! 

 When I woke up, It was Christmas Eve! 

I was happy until I went to the tree and saw no presents!  

I went back to bed. My Christmas Eve was upsetting! 

When It was Christmas, I got everything I wanted and a note from Santa! 

It said “Sorry that I didn’t give  your presents.

 I didn’t remember to put it on the tree.” 

After I read the letter, I did a lot of Christmas things with  my family. 

This was the best Christmas ever! 


  1. Maybe you could find other words instead of using I all the time but great job

  2. Maybe you could use a other words then a a all the time you did a very good job i love this store a lot


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