Week 13 AJ

 The Figure skater!

Once there was a girl her name was Ally. She loved to figure skate. It was around christmas time and Ally was just about to leave to go figure skate when she realized she forgot to get her skate guards. She hurried over to where she put them but they weren't there! She looked in her bag and they were on her skates already! She said to herself I didn't remember putting them on? Oh well. When she reached where she was going to skate she did some figure skating and had a wonderful time.THE END.


  1. AJ,
    I could picture how confused Ally was after looking everywhere for her skate guards, only to find they were already on her skates. I've had moments like that. Good job using the prompt this week.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA


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