Week Martin

 How to play build a bout in roblox.

To play build a bout you will need to be a good builder. First you will start of with some blocks and a seat use those blocks to build a raft.

Then launch the boat when you die clam the money then open chests to get more blocks and keep building more stuff.when you reach the end you will get 100 gold plus 1 gold block,the gold block is the most powerful block. You can also get jets and a jet seat my friend is helping me get the jets so i can make a cool plane. Build a bout is a very fun game!


  1. Amazing, I hope you get that gold block. And maybe even make a boat out of that gold block. Thank you for this information, it is very useful

  2. Great story based off of build a boat for treasure but next time you should check your cops another time!

  3. guy its me martin this is not my real 100 Mrs. c made a mistake and thought it was this

  4. An interesting description of the game. Well done!


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