Week 34 Grace

Remember that saying your parents always say when you ask something, “when pigs fly”. I bet you’ve tried to make a pig fly by throwing it! Well i didn't do this intentionally but, hey, it worked! And I proved my point. Anywho, It all started when i went to go buy some dangerous chemicals for the school science lab. My family owns a barn. I brought it home and placed it on the poarch <bonehead move>. a pig somehow got out of the barn and crashed like a doofus into the box. “I didn't know they could fly!”, mom said...


  1. Ba ha ha! A fun story, although we kind of saw it coming. I am a little torn though about the outcome. On one hand I want the pig to be okay... on the other I love bacon. Just a thought though, if you rearranged the order of the story, telling the chemicals and then the pig before the phrase it result would be a surprise for the reader. This way I kind of assumed that a pig would be flying at some point. That said, if the explosion didn't launch the pig into the air it could also be an 'I told you so' from the mom.

    1. yeah it was hard to fit in a way to explain how the pig flew so i basicly just left it be


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