Week 20/21 Caleb

 Clinton went to go for a walk in a forest.  As he was walking through the forest, he came across something. It was a bike that looked like it  had been sitting for years. The weird part was  the front wheel was tied to a post standing up.  Clinton wanted to find out whose bike it was and why it was like that. He went searching around the area to find the owner. In his search he did not find anyone. Clinton went back to town and asked around. The owner was found, and said he would explain why later. 

To be continued


  1. What?! Caleb, you left us with a cliffhanger? Are you practicing script writing already? I'm wondering what made you think of the name Clinton. Authors typically have a reason behind their character names; many investigate name meanings to be sure it reflects the personality of the character they're developing. I like Clinton! I am very curious how you're going to explain the all-yellow bike zip-tied to a tree. If I were writing this, I'd hint at an alien invasion...maybe they start showing up all over town...and across the world. :) Thanks so much for giving me plenty to think about tonight...what ideas are you swirling around for the "to be continued" part?

    Keep on writing!
    Mrs. Rombach - Team 100WC
    8th Grade English and Communications teacher from VA/USA


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